Sedum Growers grow, supply, install and maintain modular green roof M-Trays® for Wallbarn.

A mix of 13 sedum species, form the basis of our production, giving outstanding benefit to wildlife with a very long flowering period needed for bees and butterflies.

Sedum is one of the very few plant groups that can survive the exposed and hostile conditions encountered on a roof. M-Trays® provide optimal water retention and help cope with the extremes of drought, temperature and runoff.

The M-Tray® design allows for rapid installation and easy maintenance.

M-Trays® for green roofs

Seed to Sedum

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Installation & Maintenance

Benefits of Green Roofs

A well maintained green roof will last many years and often out performs roll-out or shallow-tray sedum alternatives.

Many of our installations replace poorly designed or maintained green roofs which have failed to withstand the extremely challenging conditions in this tough, exposed environment.

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Did you know?

The sedum M-Trays® won best roofing product in 2020 at the Build It awards.