About Sedum Growers

Sedum Growers Ltd supply, install and maintain modular green roof M-Trays® for Wallbarn Ltd and their customers.

We were set up in 2017 by David Holloway and Keith Pegden Agricultural Contracting, to supply M-Trays® to Wallbarn to meet their rapidly increasing demand for a modular green roof tray system.

David has now retired and his position on the board has been taken over by Laura Tinkler.

Keith Pegden Agricultural Contracting provides the heavy machinery needed to handle the thousands of tons of compost and tens of thousands of the high quality M-Trays® needed by Wallbarn to supply industrial and domestic green roof customers.

We work closely with Wallbarn, providing technical assistance and product development to ensure all safety and performance requirements are met. All components used, including the M-Tray® are from recycled or sustainable resources. Our compost is peat-free, has been rigorously tested by The STRI Group and meets all the requirements of The Green Roof Organisation (GRO Code).

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A mix of 13 sedum species supplied by Jelitto, form the basis of our production, giving outstanding benefit to wildlife with a prolonged flowering period. Sedum is one of the very few plant groups that can survive the exposed and hostile conditions encountered on a roof. M-Trays® provide optimal water retention and help cope with the extremes of drought, temperature and water runoff. The M-Tray® design allows for rapid installation and easy maintenance.

M-Trays® can be supplied in combination with native wildflowers. These require a much higher level of annual maintenance and replanting in order to achieve a positive outcome. Fire risk is a serious consideration, especially when including annual wildflowers in the mix.

A well maintained green roof will last many years and often out performs roll-out sedum alternatives. Many of our installations replace poorly maintained roll-out sedum green roofs which have failed to withstand the extremely challenging conditions in this tough exposed environment.

Sedum Growers also manufacture seed mats for weed control which are distributed
G Plants.  

We are based in North Hampshire, within easy reach of the majority of customers for green roof supply, installation and maintenance.

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The Team

We are proud to maintain a collaborative approach to the whole business.  Each team member has a direct input into the key decision making, the growing of crops and ensuring the quality of our products and customer service.

Valuable knowledge and industry support is provided to the Sedum Growers business from the following three consultants.

Our Customers

The majority of our green roof business is through Wallbarn and their customers. You can also find the seed mats we manufacture for G Plants in garden centres and retail outlets.

We also provide M-Tray® installation and maintenance

We have hosted open days throughout the year where our customers and keen gardeners have visited the nursery. If you would like to visit the nursery to see our production and discuss green roof options and issues, please get in touch and we will contact you with (details of) the next nursery open day. 

Why not follow us on social media to learn more about year-round green roof maintenance, to read our latest news and to hear about specialist products?

Did you know?

We also manufacture wildflower seed mats and include wildflower seed in some of our M-Trays®

Keith Pegden

Managing Director

Keith Pegden is a well respected local agricultural contractor, forester, hay merchant and landscaping contractor with an extensive range of heavy duty agricultural equipment and a team of skilled operators.

Keith has an outstanding knowledge of problem solving and logistics.

Keith is from a farming background and he qualified at Sparsholt College. He has spent his whole life working in farming, forestry, agriculture and environmental projects.  He is an expert in river and wetland restoration including work for Natural England, local authorities and independent estates in the Test Valley and surrounding areas.

Laura Tinkler

Executive Director

Details for Laura will be added shortly


PJ Le Roux

Independent Consultant

PJ is a sedum and maintenance specialist with over 10 years’ experience of sedum and he has worked with David for over 15 years.

PJ subsequently established a sedum installation company and works closely with Sedum Growers on large installations where multiple engineers are required.

Susie Holmes

Independent Consultant

Susie is an independent consultant supporting our Wallbarn substrate development.

She provides technical advice to a wide range of horticultural businesses on their growing substrates and she qualified from Wye in soil science.

Ann Chance

Financial Controller

A freelance accountant and a member of the Institute of Certified Practicing Accountants, Ann started as an Articled Clerk 25 years ago with a country accountancy practice in Alton. 

Her degree was actually in Environmental & Occupational Health from the California State University, Northridge but an inspiring night school teacher changed her course of career.

Following practice, Ann then moved to industry before becoming freelance following a company takeover 15 years ago, which was when she met David Holloway. Ann is now semi-retired to enable her to follow her passions of open water swimming, tennis and walking.